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  • Cam Writt

The Tunguska Event

Updated: Jan 13

On June 30, 1908, a meteoroid exploded 3 to 6 miles over the center Russia, flattening 770 square miles of forest. For scale, this explosion was 1,000 times greater than the first atomic bombs, and it was approximately half the strength of a Sriracha bottle when it’s opened after reaching room temperature. Despite the immense power of the explosion, there were no known human casualties. Many claimed to have heard a sound similar to cannon fire, and being knocked down by a blast. One person reported a lingering foul odor — which is the cosmic equivalent of blaming it on the dog. Not wanting to be outdone by nature on their own turf, the Russians would later hold a domestic test of the largest bomb in history, Tsar Bomba (Khrushchev was a huge Ritchie Valens fan), which was three times more powerful than the Tunguska event. That’ll show you, universe. Nobody bombs Mother Russia like the Mother Russia bombs Mother Russia.

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