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  • Cam Writt

Journal Prompt #2

Write about something great in your life that you don’t always think about.

Great things surround us all the time. Look at whatever’s closest to you. Hundreds of years ago, a star exploded and became that thing. So what would you rather have: a star, or that thing? It’s probably a toss-up, unless the thing you’re looking at is a flashlight that doesn't work. But in terms of great things in my life, I suppose the easiest place to look would be up. There’s a ceiling over my head. It’s great. Mostly in the traditional sense of great, meaning “big”. It would be the biggest thing I own, if this wasn’t a rental. But I think the prompt wants me to imagine beyond my ceiling. Beyond my ceiling is my upstairs neighbor. And like other great things in my life, he is also very big. He should probably have this journal prompt, because he has a ceiling and a roof over his head (which is competing in size with the ceiling and roof). Another great thing is the number of people I hear saying “hey”, and “put that down”, and “come back here”. That number is truly great.

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