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Catastia kistrandella

Catastia kistrandella was a dance invented in 1643 when a restaurant patron reacted to an antipasto that had been inexplicably heated to 600 degrees Fahrenheit without wrinkling the cheese.


My supervisor said that’s wrong. Hang on. Okay, here we go.


Found in northern Europe and Russia, the Catastia kistrandella is a type of “snout moth”. These insects are commonly seen fluttering in and around well-lit nostrils.


I’m now being told that’s incorrect. Snout moths have little snouts.


They are widely regarded as pests, but can be used as fishing bait, as well as live feed for pet reptiles and birds.


One moment. I just got another note.


Snout moths are a noble and dauntless breed who have been egregiously bullied, taunted, and teased by the PetSmart Industrial Complex and Tractor Supply Co. The day is near when it will be the fish, birds, and reptiles who are forced to eat old wool suits, and we, er, the moths who feast on them! Larvae diem!

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