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  • Cam Writt

Inaccessible Island

Updated: Jan 13

Inaccessible Island was discovered in 1656 by the Dutch explorer Jan Jacobzoon, captain of the Zoonofabïch. This particular island was named for the vertical cliffs that make up its shoreline, as well as its utter isolation in a rough part of the ocean. Despite the clear labelling, Inaccessible Island became the must-see destination for dozens of European explorers who wanted to court an obvious death. One such case, the Stoltenhoff brothers, lived there for several years intending to make a living by selling seal meat to passing traders. The problem with their business plan was that, even if there were errant seal meat buyers in the middle of nowhere, by virtue of being on Inaccessible Island, their merchandise was less than accessible. The Stoltenhoffs were eventually rescued. Inaccessible Island has its very own species of bird, which also happens to be the world’s smallest flightless bird. You read that correctly. A group of birds flew there, got so lazy that they forgot how to leave, and are now stuck there forever. Because this species only exists on Inaccessible Island, human presence there is very restricted. Putting travel restrictions on Inaccessible Island is like telling someone who’s way out of your league that they “just aren't your type”.

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