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  • Cam Writt

Chicxulub Crater

Updated: Jan 13

The Chicxulub crater is an asteroid crater in the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, near the town of Chicxulub (purely coincidence). The asteroid that created it was approximately 9 miles in diameter, penetrated three-quarters of the way through Earth’s crust, and released energy equal to ten billion atomic bombs. The impact happens to have occurred around the same time as the Cretaceous–Paleogene mass extinction, which ended 75% of all life on Earth (extreme coincidence). Chicxulub crater was discovered by petroleum drillers. They didn’t find any petroleum, but instead found the thing that murdered and buried all those dinosaurs that we would later be putting in our gas tanks and causing another mass extinction (extremely tragic coincidence). It’s suggested that the impact created 100-meter-tall tsunamis that reached Texas and Florida. Scientists say that the tsunamis would have been taller if not for the shallowness of the Gulf of Mexico, which is an odd thing for them to be making excuses about.

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