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Updated: Jan 13

Floor coverings come in many types. Carpets are one of the most common, followed closely by small objects knocked down by cats. Like many other exhilarating subjects, carpeting has a few origin stories. Some folks contend that carpets come from an old Welsh tradition of not doing laundry until the home becomes ankle-deep in fabric, at which point they would push the home into the sea and start over. Another, more credible story, is that King Henry V once covered his dining hall floors with animal furs, later announcing that bare floors look unnatural, and that he was growing his out in protest. Many dinner guests interpreted this as the vile euphemism that it was, and took their meals home in small boxes. Unfortunately, scientists and historians unanimously agree on the least convincing conception story for carpets – that they were invented to protect our delicate little baby feet from the hard ground. Frankly, I think they are being cowards for stealing the origin story of the shoe.

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